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Trending Tuesday: Ukrainian Folk Lore *Embroidery*

Hey Everyone! Can you believe that traditional Ukrainian garb has made it onto this years Summer fashion trends list? That’s right you heard me correctly (err read me I mean) Ukrainian folk lore is taking over this years summer style scene. Think long loose shift dresses with embroidery on light weight fabrics, and the accessories that accompany this trend include everything and anything that’s bold, along with loose blouses. Pair this trendy look off with chandelier earrings, large hats, to shoes that match with the same embroidered details, like colours (reds, blues, and whites) that match the dress. You’ll notice that one of the pioneers of kickstarting this trend is designer Vita Kin- and the majority of these dresses in the post are by her. However on an unrelated note, A lot of this scream peasant girl to me…and reminds me of fields full of sunflowers. Too Cute! 

Excuse My Russian Chanel

Coco ‘Gabrielle’ Chanel is undeniably one of the greatest prolific, and talented couturiers of the 20th century. Double C logos, pleated handbags and tweed blazers aside, Coco Chanel lived at the right time to revolutionize the way women dressed. Her atelier specialized in modest clothing, inspired by menswear and an active lifestyle. In this style revolution women would start to wear trousers, and clothing made of jersey (a fabric often reserved for the making of mens underwear). The French atelier’s masculine touches, and modest demeanour appealed to aristocratic woman who now wanted to wear tailor made suits. Corsets were out, and comfort was in. But, what is more intriguing is that Coco mania had these women trading in their diamonds in favour of Chanel’s covetable fake pearls. Today many of us see the luxury label as French. Excuse my Russian, but Chanel wouldn’t be the same as we know it today without the Russian influences in Coco’s early life.