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Elena Perminova Post Baby & Why Are Postpartum Women Shamed?

A while  ago I was browsing for pictures that I can use for upcoming blog posts, and I stumbled across an article on MarieClaire about Elena Perminova’s post pregnancy body, and workout. Another street style star recently had her baby, and that was Miroslava Duma! (she already has a son named George, and recently welcomed her daughter Anna) Anyways, Elena had her daughter 3 months ago! She had her abs back within 60 days after her daughter was born via cesarian. Resuming her workouts only a mere two weeks after, and reportedly would not even take a day off from the gym. I enjoy weight lifting and going to the gym regularly, but Elena’s determination that got her back into her pre-baby figure has me feeling as if I should be going crazy in the gym, what excuses do I have not too? Then again Elena is a tiny person, even before her post-pregnancy body.

“It’s A Girl” For Elena Perminova

Elena Perminova has had her third child with her partner Alexander Lebedev, and it’s a baby girl!! The happy mother posted the news to her instagram page on April 9th! And with that news here’s a look back at some of her stylish maternity wear looks. And no I’m not suggesting that this post is offering maternity wear tips to mother-to be’s out there, it’s just a look back at how Elena stayed true to her status as one of the Russian it girls, by being stylish with each of her baby bumps (from 2011 to present.).