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Elena Perminova Casual In Paris

It has been ages since I’ve last worked on a Casual Sunday post featuring Russia, and the Ukraine’s best dressed! So to revive Casual Sunday, I’m starting off with a look worn by my style crush, Elena Perminova! During Paris Fashion Week the streets are filled with women who are wearing beautiful ensembles, and yes some opt to wear questionable outfits that only make sense for the intended purpose of street style entertainment.

Casual Sunday: Après-Ski

Privet Matryoshkas and Happy Casual Sunday!! I’m in the mood to write about my style crush Elena Perminova since she has given me a bit of that winter style inspiration. You know this week my hometown finally received it’s first snowfall, (It’s even snowing on WordPress!!) but enough to cover the ground in white. There’s something beautiful in living in a place where the temperatures can dip into the negatives, it’s that glistening snow that sucks me in! I’m also reminded that the mountains nearby are open and I can start to work up the nerve to return to the mountain to do some snowboarding. Anyways this weather is made for dressing cozy, and dressing like an onion; layer after layer. I think it’s safe to say it’s time for Casual Sunday and an edition of apres-ski style + tips!