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DIY Shoe Makeover (Repurpose Your OLD Heels)

Hey Everyone & Matryoshkas!! 🙂 I’ve decided to try a little DIY that was easy and re-freshed my heels. To be honest there wan’t anything wrong with my heels to begin with, I just wanted a new shoe without the cost. I mentioned earlier this week that I’ll be attending Fashion Week, and I’ve decided to try to work these shoes into one of my outfits. I’m thinking of pairing them with a dress I bought on sale for the Gala! I’m trying to go into Fashion Week with items that come from the sale/clearance rack, with the addition of this little DIY. I also hope to post photos of each of my looks with the prices included! I want to prove that you can look stylish on a budget 🙂

16 Tips To A Better Wax With Sugaring

Waxing is something that I don’t take lightly. I want the hair gone, while saying goodbye to the itchy legs that often accompany shaving. Let’s just say that I enjoy the freedom away from the razor every chance I get. Recently I discovered a new wax on one of my trips to the grocery store, one that said it’s a sugar formula. I’ve heard of sugaring before, as one of my friends does this all the time. It’s something her entire family swears by, and they usually make it at home. But I thought my first experience with sugaring shouldn’t be a DIY project, just yet. So I picked up the box with it’s contents and took it home.

DIY: How To Dye Hair Extensions (Platinum Blonde To Ash Brown)

Privet! Some of you may remember my post on my Russian remy human hair extensions that I had bleached to an ash/platinum blonde. Well I decided to DIY colour match them to my own hair colour because I want this hair to look as real as possible for next weekend’s wedding, without an extra trip to the salon. Let me just say that I spent hours researching the process of transitioning platinum blonde extensions into a light ash brown. I also tested the process out on a single weft of hair ( you could also do a strand test) I wanted to avoid colour mishaps, while eliminating the possibility of throwing out perfectly good hair extensions. I needed this to turn out!! What I’ve learned was that there are a few things to keep in mind when transitioning from one hair colour into another. Platinum blonde hair for example has a silver tone, as it lacks both red, and golden tones. So when you want to make Platinum blonde turn into a natural, light ash …

Trying A Trend: DIY Dermaplaning aka Face Shaving!!

Privet 🙂 ! Well I often tell my mom all of my beauty secrets, currently I’m trying to get her to use some purple shampoo on her hair to help combat brassiness from the combination of hair dye and sunshine. So when I told her of my latest beauty experiment she started to yell at me. She told me I would regret my decision of facial shaving and that I would grow into an old women with a hairy face, and that my barely there facial baby hairs would become“thick and dark”.  Well, I’ve done my own DIY a total of three times in the last 2 months, and my baby hairs have not become thick, or darker as a result of my new beauty quest. So you may now be wondering why I’ve decided to try out this new trend- that might make people come up to you just to say “Ты сегодня выглядишь как огурчик/ you look fresh like a cucumber” as a result 😉 (and yes that is a real Russian compliment …

Why You Should Sew Together Your Clip In Hair Extension Wefts

Privet Matryoshkas! Last week my best friend called me to ask if I wanted to purchase another set of clip in hair extensions. In fact she is reasons why I wanted to own hair extensions, without her I probably wouldn’t have given them a second thought! Anyways, she is able to pick up hair extensions from a beauty supplies store (which I don’t have access to). She’s also able to get them at the same price that a salon would be able to get them for, before giving them to their client and charging them more money. I couldn’t resist this tempting offer, and said yes. I now have more clip in hair, and I love it!  It was sort of funny that when she came to my house to give me the hair, she had packed her beautiful camel coloured leather tote full of these clip in extensions. She showed me her original extensions (which I’ve seen countless times, and used to clip onto the faux fur of her stuffed animals).

Trick Or Chic: D.I.Y Masquerade Mask, Inspired By Imperial Russia & Ulyana Sergeenko

Privet Matryoshka’s, I hope you’re not sick of the Halloween inspired posts I’ve been putting up lately. I find this to be such a fun idea and I’m just going to run with it until the week comes to an end. I also might double post today because I’m having one of those rainy days, and not a ray of sunshine is in sight :(. Anyways let me get back on point, I happen to love the idea of costume and masquerade balls. Such lavish events are an ode to the past. Imperial Russia hosted a few in it’s time, one example I can tell you about is the famous Winter Ball of 1903.The Ball was hosted at the Romanov’s winter palace, during Tsar Nicholas’s II of Russia’s reign.Many of the guests who attended wore the 17th century style fashion. Envision handsome Russian men making the ladies swoon, and women wearing oversized kokoshniks, lavish gowns and sarafans of iridescent golds, and blues. Now this idea is for any of you who are struggling to come …