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Honest Thoughts: H&M Sucks

Hey Everyone! It’s time for another Honest Thoughts post since my last one about Caroline Stanbury being my favourite Bitch grabbed your attention. Now before any of you scowl and tell me that I’m being bitchy, hateful, negative etc towards H&M lovers, let me just say that I have a love and hate relationship with H&M. It’s true that I own items from the infamous clothing chain that I absolutely love, and I often frequent the local H&Ms in my area. But guess what H&M just like any store that has mass produced clothing, sucks. I’m not telling you to avoid H&M, that’s far from the truth, however I do want you to be smarter shoppers from time to’s my new initiative as a Fashion Blogger for 2016. 

September, The Time For Style & Fresh Starts

Each September I was concerned with having all of my school supplies, I made sure that I read enough novels throughout the summer, practiced my writing skills, and hoped to look better than previous years. When I look back to the school days, particularly in September, I kind of cringe. I went to a school that lacked any fashion or style sense. In fact the girls who wore Guess purses acted as if they were toting around something hot off the Milan runway. But I was no better, I never favoured fashion and never could imagine that one day in the future I would have a fashion blog, know a good chunk of street stars by name, or be able to discuss trends that e.g “incorporate androgynous, chic or femme elements”.

Elena Perminova’s In A Ulyana Sergeenko Photo Shoot

Soft, dreamy, romantic- are the three words that best describe Ulyana Sergeenko’s photo shoot, featuring Elena Perminova. Sergeenko’s designs are renowned for embracing femme details, soft touches, and are often inspired by vintage themes. Our Russian it girl is looking beautiful in Sergeenko’s flowy styled dress. Elena’s definitely glowing! (update I’ve added more photo’s from the shoot)