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Fashion Find: Chic For Cheap Elie Tahari Blazer (You’ll Never Guess The Price)

Hey Everyone, this has got to be one of my best Fashion Finds yet! It’s true that I’ve been doing a lot of shopping, and as you know I’m trying to find items to take with me to the Caribbean. Living in Vancouver BC pretty much means that your wardrobe is full of sweaters, and clothing that will keep you warm, or at least dry on rainy days. To say the least my summer wardrobe has been lacking. I’ve been stocking up on loose, basics tee’s, cute colourful dresses, and leggings,shorts, rompers etc- just Anything that will keep me cool and comfy for when I’m there. 

Carving Out A Space Of Your Own, For Bloggers Only

I’m kidding this post can be for anyone who needs it,  I’m not harbouring a secret vendetta against non-bloggers! No Way! There is something that we all need, a place where we can let our imaginations run wild with limited interruptions. A space that has comfort, and has all that you need to binge write, or even casually write. Lately i’ve been transforming a spare room of mine into my blog-office, a place where I can blog without interruptions, surrounded by items that inspire me. I do a lot of my blogging at home, and things can get pretty noisy inside my house! Vacuum cleaners, a barking chi-pin, to dishwashers, and tv noise. Sometimes it’s pretty infuriating.

Elena Perminova’s Simple & Chic Look Under The Umbrian Sun

Privet my matryoshka’s, Elena’s still enjoying all that the Italian country side has to offer, here she is enjoying her morning basking in the Umbrian sun. I’m envious . Elena’s modelling off her simple but chic black and white look on the patio, window-sill and at the breakfast table. I’m really loving those boots of hers which she’s been wearing quite a bit lately.