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Casual Sunday: The Jetsetter

Privet Matryoshka’s! I haven’t put up a Casual Sunday post in forever, but this look has prompted me to make a Casual style post for you guys, and it’s called “The Jetsetter”. Ah, so the end of August can mean the end has come for most of your summer vacations, & August can also mark the end to the summer, which is sad I know- I don’t want summer to be over either. Soon I’ll be posting looks that are more concentrated on the fall season, and I have some looks already planned out for you guys to get inspired by.

Casual Sunday: Anna Selezneva’s 70’s Throwback

Today is Casual Sunday!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, and that you had beautiful weather, beautiful friends, family and those you love in your life to share it with, and of course had the best style moments. I’m in the mood for jean shorts, I mean I’m sure most of you own a pair or two in the back of your closets, right? Nothing else can come close to being so casual, and so versatile as jean shorts- they make an outfit relaxed, and always look good sea side. If you’re wondering who the girl is in the picture- well she is Anna Selezneva, a Russian model (she’s also Armenian) who has walked the runway for notable brands like Jean Paul Gautier, Versace, Balmain, Chanel etc.

Casual Sunday Inspiration: Miroslava Duma Gets Nautical

Privet Matryoshka’s Casual Sunday time has rolled around once again!! Today’s Casual Sunday post is for those who love a lifestyle near the sea, & ultimately for those of you who just enjoy those romantic summer walks along the shoreline, and want a classic sea style inspired look. I’m sure you can guess what the theme is- and I’m even in a Nautical mood 😉 Anyways there are two versions of a look that uses stripes if you’re obsessed with today’s Casual post on all things Nautical. To offer you some inspiration here are two different looks worn by the Russian it girl who always makes it onto the style radar: Miroslava Duma.