Attention Fashionistas! Clutches Are Now A Flight Risk?!

Fun Post Of The Day

Well I think we’ve all had that moment where we’ve dreaded packing for flights, especially whenever carry ons are concerned. Not only are there weight restrictions- but we’re limited with the personal items that we can bring. Liquids are a basic no-no unless under 100Ml, and can fit into a clear plastic bag ( just leave that Evian face spray at home girl!). While nail clippers, you better put that item in your checked luggage- but then again can you imagine someone clipping their toe nails mid flight next to you? Gross!. But there is one item that I wouldn’t have imagined as being considered a flight risk. I was watching the local news, and it showed items that the Canadian border security confinscates often- ranging from the usual liquids, alcohol, meats- etc. But then I saw an item, that anyone of us might not be aware of that can’t go in your carry on- because it’s apparently dangerous! & the Canadian border security will take this item away from you, and they won’t even care about the price tag.