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Stilettos In Moscow

Moscow streets are famous for their stiletto clad women, who make the sidewalks into their runways. Comfort is often discarded for beauty, and it’s not uncommon to see women wearing stilettos when the ground has disappeared underneath blankets of snow, or ice. The legend is that Russian woman are born with the skills necessary for walking gracefully in heels of all heights, regardless of the weather conditions. High heels are loved so much by the Russian woman that Moscow has been known to throw high heel races in the past. Can you imagine women lining up in their Louboutins to run anywhere between 50 to 100 meters, competitively for money? As for the race requirements heels can be no less than 3.54 inches in height. If you’re curious to see what this race looks like I included a fun video for you to watch.

Elena Perminova’s Simple & Chic Look Under The Umbrian Sun

Privet my matryoshka’s, Elena’s still enjoying all that the Italian country side has to offer, here she is enjoying her morning basking in the Umbrian sun. I’m envious . Elena’s modelling off her simple but chic black and white look on the patio, window-sill and at the breakfast table. I’m really loving those boots of hers which she’s been wearing quite a bit lately.