How To Wear Statement Necklaces This Holiday Season

Style Inspiration

Do you remember when Miroslava Duma would wear a good, statement necklace. The thicker, the chunkier, the more detail, the better. These days however, Mira’s style is “toned down”.Her neckline is devoid of necklaces, her handbags are often black, and her accessories are basic. She’s different. Then again she is dressing the part of a business woman, a woman who works hard to accomplish her goals. But, just because Miroslava Duma is toning it down, doesn’t mean the statement necklace has fallen out of favour, and if you have an outfit that needs something, but you aren’t sure what it is. Perhaps a statement necklace is all you need this winter.

A September Update


Hey everyone I don’t usually do updates- but I have to apologize for my lengthy absence from the blog-o-sphere! From August until now..seriously time has gone by sooo fast and I haven’t been in a blogging mood for the following reason: I’ve been busy taking care of my lovely mom, who injured herself- and my new role made me into a “nurse, nutritionist, maid, therapist, chef, and physio therapist” all in one. Let’s just say it’s not an easy task to take care of someone who’s gone through an unexpected accident that requires round the clock really have to go above and beyond and become this super-woman/human.

Elena Perminova, Chloé, Et D’inspiration Bohémienne

Casual Sunday

Think shades of ivory, and cascading layers that draw from hippie and bohemian influence creating that boho chic look that seems to resurface every summer.  I’m sure none of you are all that surprised to see the return of boho. But, Some of you might be surprised to know that whenever the bohemian style is involved, there is often a hint of irony lingering. The boho style never began as a fashion statement, in fact the style was often worn by women who were indifferent to fashion altogether. The bohemian style didn’t filter itself into the style scene until the women of the early 21st century wanted to discard their bourgeoisie reputation in favour of a spirited, raw, and nomadic style consisting of flowing skirts, and patterns with endless florals.