Meet Our Newly Adopted Puppy!


Hello Lovelies, how have all of you been lately? As some of you might know by now from my instagram photos, my Fiance and I have adopted a puppy! Our puppy has been keeping my hands full with training, playtime and the dreaded cleanup of toys and crumbs from kibble. But before I go on and on, let me bring this story all the way back to the beginning. I have a dog back home in Canada who I adopted from the States, and currently lives with my parents- and may I add, is spoiled rotten. I had no intentions of adopting a dog, or thinking of caring for, or training a puppy while staying in the Caribbean. It was not something I thought I would do anytime soon with my Fiance. But one day a few of my friends took me down to SXM Paws to walk the dogs and puppies in the shelter, and I ended up walking a puppy (however this puppy was not the one we would adopt). I’m not sure what happened but I became obsessed with ‘puppies’ I had puppy fever, constantly looking through the photos of all the puppies SXM Paws had up for adoption and foster.

Just Another Zaychishka Update


Hey Everyone, I want to make a crazy announcement! Currently I’m shopping, and planning what to take with me to the Caribbean! That’s right, your favourite blogger  Zaychishka is all about that jet-set life! Hahah. Jokes aside I’m not going for a vacation, and I’m not going for work either! I’m going with my Fiance who has been accepted into Medical School, and I will be his support system. I may dabble in freelance writing for online publications, while maintaining the Zaychishka Style I will be keeping myself busy while exploring the Island. So I hope you will enjoy all of the adventures I will be taking you on, and get ready to see some of that Caribbean life with me.

He Proposed In Montreal!


Hey Everyone! Wow, OH MY GOSH! First off I am back from my trip to Montreal, and I’m still in a state of shock that makes me feel as if I’m still in a dream. I can’t believe how big Montreal really is, and what an incredible and gorgeous city it is. Montreal puts Vancouver to shame! This trip was one that allowed for little sleep, lots of socializing, eating, too much drinking and partying the nights away. I will always hold Montreal in my heart for it is now a special city to me because it’s where my boyfriend (now Fiance) proposed to me. I had no idea he had been planning to propose, and that he had picked out a ring for me. I will also tell you that I’m happy to be engaged to such an incredible, and tres romantic man.

Anyways After he proposed ( his brother captured the entire proposal on film!) we went out for a celebratory dinner by ordering a 5 course A La Carte meal with wine pairings at the restaurant called Accords in Montreal. 

Zaychishka Is Going To Montreal


Hey Everyone! I’m having a crazy week! Less than a week ago my boyfriend booked us a surprise trip to..Montreal! I have never been to Montreal, in fact I haven’t been to most of the Provinces or Territories of Canada and I’ve been living in this country my entire life! But, Canadian Provinces are rather large (as opposed to the sizes of Europe countries or American states). As some of you know I live in British Columbia, I’ve been to Alberta (once), and now I’m going to Canada’s East coast to see a bit of Quebec, specifically less than 24 hours. (There is also a cool blogger who lives in Montreal and she is Nikki from the blog Hipster Thrifter Girl shout out to her, and for visiting her turf hehe)

6 Tips To Refreshing Your Closet This Spring


Hey Everyone, this year I decided to do something I don’t normally bother with, or even give all that much thought to because this can be a daunting task, even for me! Can you guess what I’m referring to? Well it involves the dreaded Spring cleaning and your closet. I’m the type of person who can buy something and then when I put it into one of my closets it disappears to never be seen EVER again (kidding, sometimes things resurface after a year..or 5).  Or sometimes it’s easier to just grab your favourite outfit that you’ve worn several times in the past two weeks- simply because who wants to deal with battling their closet for clothing? Or you’re often running out of room and hangers for your other purchases. And last but not least you’re still wearing something that has holes in it..let it go! So if any of this applies to you, keep reading!

Ruffles & Romance For Farfetch.Com’s Style The Trend


Hey Everyone! Recently reached out to me to take part in their Style The Trend competition. I would like to say that I’m honored to be able to take part in their blogger competition, entailing that I would be able to put together a look that represents one of the major trends for Spring Summer 2016. I decided to pull together a look from my own closet, and create an outfit that included ruffles and romance. I love the idea of ruffles for spring, they can make you look whimsical, feminine, and yes romantic.

Noe Bernacelli 7.2.7 Haute Couture F/W 2016 At VFW

Interviews & Exclusives

Hey Everyone! I hope you have all been well and that you can’t wait to see what the designers at VFW 2016 were dazzling audiences with. Some of you might know that I’ve been anticipating Noe Bernacelli’s show this season! He is a Peruvian designer who studied in Italy.  I’m currently working on close to 17 posts that will be featuring the designers who showcased their collections  at Vancouver Fashion Week this season, and who’s shows I attended. I also couldn’t resist putting up this post about Noe’s collection because I’ve been so excited to share what I got to see last week, with all of you.

I became an instant fan of his designs at VFW F/W 2015 when I saw his floor length evening gowns that were sheer in all the right places. I felt as though he was channeling Elie Saab, and to see gowns with an incredible amount of detail in person, stole my breath away. This season Noe Bernacelli didn’t disappoint (although I miss seeing those evening gowns), with his 7.2.7 collection that lead him in a new direction that can be described as modern, while embodying the daring female spirit.

A Quick Update From Zaychishka


Hey Everyone! I hope you all have been well! This month has been absolutely intense and I promise that you will be seeing posts up about Vancouver Fashion Week soon! I have a lot of images, content and editing to do- But I promise it will be worth the wait. This month I may have been a little behind to update, and sit down and take the time to blog because

Antiques, Auctions & Jewels


Sometimes a fashion blogger has a desire to search for unique items outside of the mainstream way of department stores, malls, and vintage shops. You see my family are the type of people who enjoy attending, and bidding at the auction, both online and in person. And, well my family has me hooked on auctions. I have childhood memories of the items my father would bring home, like that toaster that was meant for a restaurant, and required an abnormal amount of voltage. To that time he bought an ugly painting that hangs on the foyer wall. I tried to secretly sell the painting on craigslist with the caption “big ugly painting for sale”, and the end of the story is: it’s still in their house. Or the industrial meat slicer that only comes out for cutting up cheese and salami during Christmas, with expert precision.

Should Celebs Crossover To The Fashion World?


“Hey everyone! I’m in a mood where I want to rant, and get some of your opinions, thoughts, comments, likes or dislikes about celebrities crossing over into the fashion world. There is this hollywood element that keeps popping up during fashion week, and it sort of bothers me. Let me first just say that I know people like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bridgett Bardot were celebrities who have gone on to be the inspiration for  countless fashion designers. We find their style to be timeless, classic and elegant. So it makes sense that fashion and celebrities have always been a part of each others world.