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Spasiba For The One Lovely Blog Award

Privet Matryoshka’s! I would like to thank Pipsysl (The Passionate about fashion, art, cultures. Portuguese Law Student) who nominated me for The One Lovely Blog award. She’s pretty cool because she likes the Russian ‘it’ girls 😛 hehe.Now in true WordPress fashion when it comes to blogger to blogger awards- Here are 7 random facts about myself, as well as the 7 bloggers who I’ve nominated to receive this fun, good spirited award.

Spasibo For The Liebster Award

I just received a Liebster Blogger Nomination! & I would like to thank  Hugs x heart, so check out her page, her posts are always thought provoking, and just good for the soul. I’m clearly slow to clue in on what a Liebster award is, I had no idea that being nominated means you actually get to say you that you’ve received a Liebster award. I read somewhere that if you don’t pass on this loved blogger to blogger tradition- well your blog might peril. I don’t actually believe that- what I do believe is if you want to pass along some happiness, or put a smile on another bloggers face; then I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea to keep alive.