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Goodbye Victoria’s Secret Swimwear

I never thought I’d see the day when Victoria’s Secret would say they’re no longer continuing the production of their swimwear. Wasn’t it only recently when they began those beach/ swim specials for the TV. Cue the models, and tropical paradise that we all wish we could escape to for a little while. Who doesn’t love holidays?

Take Me To Brazil, If Not For The World Cup…

“Take Me to Brazil, if not for the world cup”- then so I can at least wear some bright bikini’s and get my tan on! These images of Irina Shayk posing in a very brazilian inspired photo shoot is making me wish that I could wear feathered outfits, bikini’s of crazy colours, and lounge by the beach. I want an Irina Shayk moment! This also makes for some amazing fitness motivation lol. Which bikini do you want for yourself?

Natasha Poly’s Heating It Up For Vogue Paris

Privet Matryoshka’s!! Can you just see, and feel the summer when looking at Vogue Paris’s latest cover featuring Natasha poly? I can, and it’s placed me in a mood for wanting to dive into a pool, to only later lay poolside until the sun dries me off, repeating that until the sun no longer hangs in the sky. As for Natasha Poly being in Vogue Paris, the Russian beauty is showing off in red- from her bikini bottom , down to an outfit I just can’t describe, just be prepared to see highlighted cheekbones and a helmet. Well my Matryoshka’s what are your plans for the summer?