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Stick On Eyebrow Wigs? Human Hair??? WTF

Hey everyone! I know I enjoy going on a good ol hiatus every now and then, but see I always manage to return at some point to bring you back something to muse over. Now tonights post was inspired by a new beauty fad that I can’t get over. I just don’t understand it. This might just be the one of those beauty trends that manages to make me laugh, and creep me out simultaneously. 

Beauty Blogger Nomination Q&A

Thank you to Nikki from The fabulous Hipster Thrifter Fashion Blog for sending me this beauty blogger nomination. (I know this post is late, and on auto-post hehe love that feature) In this post I’ll be answering the questions that the lovely Nikki (Hipster Thrifter Girl made for the beauty blogger nomination). Expect a lot of ‘beauty talks and tips’ inside..and more nominations for other bloggers I find to be incredible for their beauty posts 🙂

13 Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks To Looking Youthful

Let’s be honest here we all will age and we all will get wrinkles at some point in our life; However what this post is about is making sure you don’t age prematurely, or look older than your actual age! As women (and even some men!!) we have the tendency to be beauty obsessed. From almost every which way we look there’s something that pops out at us and screams ‘beauty’, or you must try or have this product! Just look at your YouTube subscriptions I’m sure the majority of you have your favorite beauty Guru, and I know that at some point these beauty gurus have mentioned in their videos about anti-aging products and tips that you couldn’t resist watching! I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to look as if we found the fountain of youth as we age. I also know that a lot us want to age well so that we don’t have our peers exclaim ‘oh she’s aged badly’… Well, at least I don’t! #notsorryformyvainconfession. Anyways here are some …

How To Fix Broken Beauty Products

Hey everyone! This is a short & sweet post that includes a few beauty hacks that could help you out! I was reading through H&M life under the beauty section and came across beauty hacks that can fix your makeup products. I know I’ve dropped my blush and powders more times than I can count, and I thought these tips featured on H&M Life could be useful to you- if you’ve got powder/blush broken into what seems like billions of pieces, or your lipstick is cracked in half, or maybe your nail polish is being stubborn and won’t open! (like using a lighter to fuse the lipstick back together, or placing nail polish into a bowl of water)

16 Tips To A Better Wax With Sugaring

Waxing is something that I don’t take lightly. I want the hair gone, while saying goodbye to the itchy legs that often accompany shaving. Let’s just say that I enjoy the freedom away from the razor every chance I get. Recently I discovered a new wax on one of my trips to the grocery store, one that said it’s a sugar formula. I’ve heard of sugaring before, as one of my friends does this all the time. It’s something her entire family swears by, and they usually make it at home. But I thought my first experience with sugaring shouldn’t be a DIY project, just yet. So I picked up the box with it’s contents and took it home.

Deconstructed Beauty

There was a morning when the word deconstructed popped into my mind, followed by the word beauty. I wasn’t aware of Jacques Derrida’s work of Grammatology (1967) that introduced the ideas of deconstruction. And I certainly wasn’t aware that deconstruction could be used to describe a critical outlook between text and meaning. In that moment, in the morning I was only thinking of two words that flowed into larger thoughts, with images of an alleyway, coldness, walls with rust, texture, and of graffiti.

Story Time! Product Disasters & Swollen Lips

Long time ago when I first became interested in beauty and skin care products, I suffered an allergic reaction. It began the night before High school picture day, and I was determined to look my best! I mean I wanted to look incredible, and have a photo I would be proud of in years to come. Somehow I thought it would be wise to start using an entire fleet of skincare products, combined with natural home remedies with items that came from my refrigerator. I grabbed some papaya, and mixed it with some other ingredients (that I’ve long forgotten, and with good reason), and thought “hey, let me make a home made face mask” that’s a great idea!

Makeup Must Haves For The Girl Who Watches Too Many Beauty Vlogs

I’ve never been that girl who owned a lot of makeup, or put on a full face each day. Moisturizers, and other skin care products have always been my main priority, then makeup would follow. My usual face routine just involves a little concealer to my under eyes, and any little red spots. I then set my face with a subtle amount of powder, and a swipe of pink blush. For eyes, I use a bright, light reflecting eye shadow over the lid, and a hint of a dark brown shadow in the crease to give my eyes more dimension. Plus that swipe of mascara . As for lips chap stick is my HG, and sometimes a bold lipstick.

Miroslava Duma’s Style & Travel Tips

“Simplicity is key when it comes to packing luggage like a pro, but what can sabotage your packing is that little problem of choosing which pieces from your wardrobe are worthy enough to make the cut.  It’s not like you can bring your entire closet, but there are a few hacks to make you look like you did, so you can remain your sartorial best in Paris, to even the Maldives (psst the Maldives is a favourite amongst the Russian jet-set). Many of us know that Miroslava Duma is the founder of Buro 24/7, and that she’s known to those of us who are fashion-crazed for her tantalizing street style. When the Russian it girl is not attending Fashion Week in Milan, Paris or New York, she’s hopping a plane to a new destination due to the popularity of her online publication Buro 24/7 that has exploded internationally. Now All of this leaves me wondering how Miroslava Duma manages to stay fresh faced, and always stylish, and what some of her best tips for travel are.

Trying A Trend: DIY Dermaplaning aka Face Shaving!!

Privet 🙂 ! Well I often tell my mom all of my beauty secrets, currently I’m trying to get her to use some purple shampoo on her hair to help combat brassiness from the combination of hair dye and sunshine. So when I told her of my latest beauty experiment she started to yell at me. She told me I would regret my decision of facial shaving and that I would grow into an old women with a hairy face, and that my barely there facial baby hairs would become“thick and dark”.  Well, I’ve done my own DIY a total of three times in the last 2 months, and my baby hairs have not become thick, or darker as a result of my new beauty quest. So you may now be wondering why I’ve decided to try out this new trend- that might make people come up to you just to say “Ты сегодня выглядишь как огурчик/ you look fresh like a cucumber” as a result 😉 (and yes that is a real Russian compliment …