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13 Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks To Looking Youthful

Let’s be honest here we all will age and we all will get wrinkles at some point in our life; However what this post is about is making sure you don’t age prematurely, or look older than your actual age! As women (and even some men!!) we have the tendency to be beauty obsessed. From almost every which way we look there’s something that pops out at us and screams ‘beauty’, or you must try or have this product! Just look at your YouTube subscriptions I’m sure the majority of you have your favorite beauty Guru, and I know that at some point these beauty gurus have mentioned in their videos about anti-aging products and tips that you couldn’t resist watching! I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to look as if we found the fountain of youth as we age. I also know that a lot us want to age well so that we don’t have our peers exclaim ‘oh she’s aged badly’… Well, at least I don’t! #notsorryformyvainconfession. Anyways here are some …

I Balayaged My Hair & The Results Are…..

Hello lovelies. It wasn’t all that long ago when I dedicated a post to 11 tips for restoring your hairs health before colouring/bleaching. I thought I was going to wait one more month, or two before committing to Bayalage, but I couldn’t stop thinking about having a new colour to rock on my head for the warmer weather. It was time for a change! I love that hair is our greatest, natural accessory that we can change with ease. We can change the colour, style, cut, add extensions to alter length, or enhance volume- which I know a lot of you, (myself included) can’t live without volume. & if we don’t feel like changing our hair with something a little more permanent/drastic, there’s always wigs.

11 Tips For Restoring Hair Health Before You Colour

Privet Everyone! Currently I’m in the process of healing my hair because I want to have it balayaged for the summer time. I know it’s barely April, and we’ve hardly enjoyed the spring, and here I am making plans in advance for the summer. Plans for my hair. I always browse through instagram for inspiration, and ideas for what I’d love to try out next for my hair. I always see girls with that long, lustrous hair that shines even after they’ve bleached it; often seen on Guy Tangs pages, or wherever else! I also hear people complain about how damaging bleach is to their hair! And that they come out of the hair dressers with this dull looking hair, that is completely fried and well trashed. This is something I don’t want for my hair, or for anyone elses. Our hair is a source of pride, and just by having your hair coloured, or styled a certain way it can truly transform your look. 

Why You Should Sew Together Your Clip In Hair Extension Wefts

Privet Matryoshkas! Last week my best friend called me to ask if I wanted to purchase another set of clip in hair extensions. In fact she is reasons why I wanted to own hair extensions, without her I probably wouldn’t have given them a second thought! Anyways, she is able to pick up hair extensions from a beauty supplies store (which I don’t have access to). She’s also able to get them at the same price that a salon would be able to get them for, before giving them to their client and charging them more money. I couldn’t resist this tempting offer, and said yes. I now have more clip in hair, and I love it!  It was sort of funny that when she came to my house to give me the hair, she had packed her beautiful camel coloured leather tote full of these clip in extensions. She showed me her original extensions (which I’ve seen countless times, and used to clip onto the faux fur of her stuffed animals).