Elena Perminova’s Top Style Moments

Style Watch

Elena Perminova is the coup de coeur of my style crushes; She’s a Chanel ambassador, Jet & trend setter, mother of three, model, a philanthropist- she’s the first to create an online auction via instagram aptly named S.O.S by Elena Perminova (Which helps to cover the cost of children’s medical expenses) and is married to the media mogul- Alexander Lebedev. What doesn’t Elena have under her repertoire? Today, I thought it would be fun to put up a few of her top style moments, which is never easy to narrow down – some of the images are of her appearing ultra-femme, to her take on a great Gatsby look, and of course there is always a little bit of androgyny to be found. 

Elena Perminova’s Sky High Style

Casual Sunday

Privet, today’s Casual Sunday post was inspired from a minor day trip I took on thursday  to a small airport just to have a certain culinary experienceYou see this particular airport is tiny, and it’s known for it’s famed desserts. When you first walk into the little building that hosts the airport cafe the first thing you see is their motto “I Fly For pie”- so that right there tells you automatically what you have to try. Once you find yourself a seat you can have breakfast, and yes pie while watching the little planes (cessnas) and helicopters land and takeoff. I decided to wear my H&M romper for the trip (Since our weather has been scorching, Friday it climbed to 31 degrees).

Spouses Of The Russian ‘it’ Girls


Why is she/he with her?” I feel like this is one of those thoughts our minds gravitate towards  when we walk past a couple on the street. The same thought occurs when we see a celebrity, or in this case a Russian style star. But, this post is a little different since the Russian it girls are often photographed alone- I’m just here to satisfy your curiosity of who the Czarinas have married/ coupled up with. So if you’re curious to see who’s footing the bill for (some of) their elaborate wardrobes- read on to unveil who these prince oligarchs are. Are they stylish? Rich, or famous perhaps?

Russians Represent At Giambattista Valli Paris Show


Giambattista Valli : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture S/S 2014

Are you wondering which Russians were representing in style at the Giambattista Valli Runway show? That would be the lovely Elena Perminova (Her outfit for the show was beautiful) with her husband/partner Alexander Lebedev, Miroslava Duma was also in attendance, and Sasha Luss who walked the runway in a stunning mint coloured dress! Here are their looks at the show, which also marked the end of the second day of Paris Fashion Week!

Elena Perminova’s Action 2013 Christmas Charity Look



The Russian it girl has been busy lately since the return from her vacation, and this time she attended the christmas charity event for Action! 2013, where she was accompanied by her husband Alexander Lebedev. The charity event was organized by Svetlana Bondarchuk and Eugenia Popova (and included an auction).