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Elena Perminova’s Sky High Style

Privet, today’s Casual Sunday post was inspired from a minor day trip I took on thursday  to a small airport just to have a certain culinary experience. You see this particular airport is tiny, and it’s known for it’s famed desserts. When you first walk into the little building that hosts the airport cafe the first thing you see is their motto “I Fly For pie”- so that right there tells you automatically what you have to try. Once you find yourself a seat you can have breakfast, and yes pie while watching the little planes (cessnas) and helicopters land and takeoff. I decided to wear my H&M romper for the trip (Since our weather has been scorching, Friday it climbed to 31 degrees).

Airport Fashion Is Apparently A Big Thing

I always remember counting down the weeks, days and hours before my flight is due to take off- I’m often prepared up to a month in advance because that’s just how anxious & over-eager I can be. That’s right my luggage is packed to the brim with all of the clothing I’ve deemed worthy enough to come along, but I won’t lie I often pick pieces I want to wear, but will not cry over if my luggage gets lost in the jumble of connecting flights. Who else gets like this? I hope i’m not the only one. Anyways I was flipping through the free magazine H&M puts out for the new season- this one is for summer, and I had some fun reading the well crafted articles; one stood out in particular with-3-4 pages dedicated to ‘Airport Fashion’. Airport Fashion is apparently a big thing, gaining popularity in 2011, and taking China and Korea by storm like that K-pop craze.