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A La Russe Your Summer Style

A La Russe’s Anastasia Romantsova never disappoints me with her collections that remind me of Italy’s D&G, but with an added Russian touch of course. I could very well imagine Bianca Balti, or Monica Bellucci walking along the streets of Milan, or Florence in an A La Russe dress, it would compliment their beautiful Italian features so well. Perhaps these dresses just suit the Mediterranean lifestyle of eating well, relaxing, and lounging with good company.

Trending: A La Russe’s Pre-Fall 2014/15 Coat

Privet Matryoshka’s, what are your thoughts on A La Russe’s pre fall 2014/15 coat? It seems to be picking up momentum for being a trending fashion staple right now, although it’s technically meant for the next fall and winter seasons. Xenia Sobchak and even Miroslava Duma (at PFW) have been seen wearing the made in Russia creation, by A La Russe’s Anastasia Romantsova.

Miroslava Duma’s Traditional Russian Ensemble

I can never resist a post dedicated to a look that screams out ” Privet, I’m Russian”- and when traditional elements inspire fashion designers. Mira’s outfit was made by the Russian designer Anastasia Romantsova- whose line is called A La Russe. Now, what I love about Mira’s outfit has nothing to do with being trendy, and I don’t expect any of you to look at Mira’s outfit and shout “I want that look for myself/ or on myself now!!”- I know this outfit doesn’t have obvious sex appeal, and it can’t be described as chic; [more photo’s below]

Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection

As I type this I’m listening to the soundtrack by Dmitry Shurov- I dared myself to press play on the “A La Russe” website, and you know- I’m not even disappointed by my choice. The soundtrack captures the sound of a lazy summer spent by the sea (Russian, English and French singing is heard), as does Anastasia Romantsova’s A La Russe’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection.