Rebecca Minkoff Signs Handbags!!

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Privet Matryoshkas! Earlier today I ended up Downtown Vancouver, and had spent the day shopping with my mom yet again. Coincidently we ran into an event where Rebecca Minkoff showed up at Holt Renfrew to sign handbags and purses. Since she is from New York, Holt Renfrew set up a NYC  like theme in the lower half of the department store. For any of you who don’t know what Holt Renfrew it’s similar to Neiman Marcus, or Austria’s famed Steffl located in Vienna. Anyways there was a taxi cab image on the wall, and free soda and pretzels were being handed out to waiting Minkoff fans.

Ready For Spring In The City


Privet Matryoshkas! I’ve been seeing a lot of spring themed items in the city, and the bright colours are refreshing! Sometimes I hate that winter has such dowdy, dull colour palettes and things seem to match the cloudy atmosphere that looms over the city of Vancouver. So today me and the mom decided to take a trip downtown to find her dress for my cousins wedding. Since I found mine first I was able to dedicate more time to making my mom look like an elegant woman, and it was a success. She says I have great taste, and if she can walk away happy with her dress purchase then I did my part as her personal stylist. I’m relieved when I can find something for her, you know how moms can be they don’t want to spend money on themselves(they rather spend on you!), this time she finally did and I was proud of her. She doesn’t want me to post her dress up on the blog, I guess she’s like me because we’re both making our dresses a surprise for the wedding (scared someone from the family might see the dress prematurely lol). But I promise I will be showing these dresses in the near future, just be patient with me, lol!

Alexander Terekhov’s F/W 2014/15 Pre Collection: Does It Lack Originality?

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Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 3.27.55 PM

I hope you’re ready for the arrival of the fall and winter 2014/15 pre collections!! Today’s pre collection up for your viewing pleasure is from Alexander Terekhov. Terekhov’s ready to wear collection for the next fall and winter season sticks to luxe minimalism. In other words the collection is very simple; some of the dresses take to bright colours, while others are on the play it safe neutral side.