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When Your Best Friend Isn’t Happy About Engagement

You’re engaged to a great guy, your family loves him and you love his family.. But sometimes we have that one friend who is unpredictable with her reactions. Few brides can recount tales about how they dreaded breaking the news to their bestie that they were proposed too. Few brides also can recount how their besties weren’t happy for their new ‘wedding’ bliss upon telling them the news. Well bride to be let me tell you that you are not alone, as I’m experiencing this at the moment. Friendships are important, and they are an integral part of life. Humans are social creatures after-all and we all enjoy having someone to conversate with. When my then boyfriend, now current Fiancé proposed I was stunned and so happy! I broke the news to my family slowly and flashed some engagement ring pics to my female cousins to share the news. But at the back of my mind the person I dreaded telling the most was my best friend.

Naked Cakes & What Not To Say To Your Baker

Don’t go in ‘asking for a naked cake’ or your baker might think you are asking for something suggestive! I learned my lesson when I went into one of my favourite bakeries and decided to strike a conversation with the bake shop owner! At first I told him I’m interested in naked cakes and  enquired if they make them for weddings. Well the bake shop owner proceeded to tell me that naked cakes are ‘offensive’, and it’s a family oriented business. I thought he meant they were plain, and not very elegant and that’s why they were offensive- but later I realized he thought I was adamant on ordering a penis cake. Funny moments when you have a conversation with someone and you both are thinking of  two very different things! Thanks a lot Cake Boss for teaching me this term ‘Naked Cakes’, and actually using it thinking it’s what everyone knows them for!

Ring Hacks: Ring Snuggies

Hey Lovelies! This is a simple ring hack that can be for anyone who has a ring that fits a little bit too big on them! I have little fingers not gonna lie about it! When my Fiancé proposed I noticed instantly that the ring was too big for me! And throughout my trip in Montreal I kept worrying about losing the ring my Fiancé put a lot of thought into. I also am the type of person who can be impatient with alterations or waiting for items to ship to my house, and I love having my stuff with me right away- but I know that isn’t ideal or the way things work! So when I thought of having my ring resized, it could mean that I wouldn’t have it for a week (and I just got it!!!) I don’t want it to leave my finger, and I’m definitely not done showing it off either. So I went online and looked up ideas for what I could do. Mind you this is a temporary …

Let’s Talk: Wedding Dress Inspo ‘Movement & Monique Lhuillier’

Hey Lovelies! Currently I’m swooning over all of the wedding dresses from the designer Monique Lhuillier. I’ve watched countless episodes of ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, Four Weddings (American and Canadian versions) Beverly Hills Bridal shows, etc etc, and I’ve seen so many dresses from different designers that I know this will be a hard decision in the end. It will never be a question of which dress is better, but of how I will be able to walk away with just one dress when there’s so many beautiful styles floating around. I know that I’m sick of Pnina Tournai, and even Lazzaro thanks to Say Yes To The Dress’s’s comparable to the Anne Hatheway effect that made some dislike the actress for just being on their television screens a little too often. 

My Parent’s Wedding *80’s Style Wedding Dress*

Hey Everyone Happy Monday! Today I think we all need a little laugh and I thought it would be fun to show off a little glimpse of my mom and dads wedding. Keep in mind there wedding was held in the 80’s. And, well we all know that the 80’s is considered as the decade that had some of the worst fashion, especially when it came to wedding dresses! You know my mom and all of my aunts became fashion victims by having dresses with huge puffed sleeves. Plus one of my aunts opted for a hat over a veil! I love bugging her about that… I’d also like to say that my wedding will be extremely different from my moms! Anyways here are the photos of my mom, dad, and nonna (grandmother in Italian) and nonno (grandfather in Italian) etc.. tell me what you think of my moms cake, it had it’s own working fountain! Also I took photos from my parents wedding album with my iphone so I’m sorry about the quality, and it’s …

1st Edition ‘Wedding Planning’

Hello Lovelies!! As some of you have seen in an earlier post– I’m engaged! And well I’ve already started the wedding planning process. I decided to begin the entire process with buying a Wedding planner and organizer from Chapters, I opted for the one by Carley Roney and the editors of I think it lured me in over the others with it’s pretty minty-blue colour! I love that having your own Wedding planner and organizer allows you to keep track of everything, including budget, to inspiration, guest lists, food and venues etc and you can always add your own comments and info and to do lists- but at least it will all be in one place, neatly condensed for your convenience. It’s also perfect to take with you on the go say if you were to walk the site of a Venue you were interested in! I love this little organizer so much! (I already began to fill it’s pages with inspiration and things I want/ do not want LOL).