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Chunky Chili Recipe (With Ground Beef)

Hey Lovelies! I have made this recipe twice and I love it! You see whenever I’m home there is one dish that my dad likes to make with the slow cooker, and that is his version of chili. His recipe is great, but I decided to rival his recipe with my own over here in the Caribbean, I
also don’t have a slow cooker so I’m making this the old fashioned way with a pot. One night as I was trying to decide what to make my Fiance for dinner, I realized I had a whole can of plum tomatoes- to me that is an excellent base for starting chili (and enchiladas but that’s an entirely different recipe) and then I started my cooking adventure. Now this recipe is chunky because of the canned plum tomatoes used- I just end up squishing them with a fork when they are in a pot on medium heat, I like to to open them up, mash them a little and separate chunky tomato-y bits that bring this dish to life. Even though I don’t get to enjoy the fall weather from where I am currently, I know you guys might appreciate this dish that is in my opinion fairly easy to master, sand great for cold days.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for cooking/ pan frying the ground beef)

1 can of plum tomatoes

1 can of kidney beans (rinsed prior to adding to the chili)

1 pack of mushrooms

Ground Beef

1 large red pepper (or as much bell pepper as you like)

 1 Onion (or as much as you like)

Minced garlic ( a heaping spoonful and a half)

Garlic Salt (to taste)

Paprika (spice) 1 tsp

Cumin (spice) 1 tsp  and a half

Cayenne Pepper (spice) 1/4 tsp

Italian spices (optional) 2 tsp

Celery (optional) My Fiance hates celery so I omitted it from the recipe, as I did not use it.

The Steps

*Side Note: First of all when it comes to making chili you have to consider how much you’re going to make/ how much can fit in your pot and that will help you determine the portions of beef, or onion that you’ll want to use for example. I have a smallish-to medium sized pot so I’m kinda limited on how much I can add..finding a big pot over here is honestly a tough feat, and I will have to bring one from Vancouver.  Also you can play with this recipe, when I first made it I didn’t have any cumin (now I do), and I relied on garlic and onion flavours to season the beef..along with Italian spices like oregano that add that signature “chili” taste.. there’s just this depth oregano can add, alongside paprika and a dash of Cayenne pepper spice (but don’t overdo the Cayenne/ chili unless you’re the type who can guzzle down a handful of habernero’s ).

Begin with heating up that frying pan with a bit of EVOO (Exta Virgin Olice Oil) on Medium Heat, this is when you’ll start cooking your ground beef in a pan and working it so it falls apart and isn’t clumpy . I also love to throw some paprika ( a pinch) onto the beef along with Italian seasoning that contains oregano (a pinch or so until you think there’s enough flakes coating the beef) and another pinch of garlic salt...I love garlic!

Now get your can of plum tomatoes and a medium sized pot so you can begin making your liquid base that is what will make this chili happen. Put the canned plum tomatoes into the pot, and fill the can with a cup of water that you will add to the canned plum tomatoes in the pot. ( this is how you’re making that savory stew like liquid that will eventually boil down that brings the chili dish together. Now start to heat up the pot with the contents inside 🙂 I like to set it to medium heat also, and you can always lower or increase the heat on your best judgement..learn to trust yourself in the kitchen if you’re a novice.

Don’t forget to lightly mash the plum tomatos to work them want them to give chunky bits throughout the chili...and give the mixture a stir

While the beef is cooking in a pan, and your canned plum tomato and water mixture is beginning to heat up, this is the perfect time to start chopping your vegetables (unless of course you decided to chop them a day before) once you’re done chopping the peppers, and mushrooms and dicing the onions you can also rinse the kidney beans in a strainer and set them aside, as well as your chopped keep these cut up veggies and beans on the side until your ground beef in the frying pan is no longer pink. You want your beef to cook (but not overcook) once its turned brown you can throw it into the pot with the plum tomatoes/sauce mixture you’ve got going on over there.

Stir often so nothing in the pot is sticking..throughout your chili’s cooking time

Now once you’ve moved that freshly turned brown ground beef into the pot, you can use the same frying pan where your beef was cooking mere minutes ago (you don’t have to clean it..keep those juices) and add your diced onions, peppers, and mushrooms.. and let the onions caramelize.

So while the beef is melding in the pot with the plum tomatoes.. wait a few minutes and then add your kidney beans (actually just throw them in whenever you want)..

Once the veggies in the frying pan have cooked, and the mushrooms have shrunk in size, and the peppers are soft you can add them to that same pot that contains the plum tomatoes, and beef.

The last few steps are to bring everything to a boil in the pot.. remember to stir, and if it still looks watery..that’s when you’re going to let this chili simmer for a while after it’s boiled…so just let that liquid cook can always lower or higher your heat settings.. honestly once the liquid has cooked down you know your chili is almost  ready.You can also start adding spices but start off slowly and give it a taste test…so once again once the liquid is disappearing and the chili is thickening up you can add your cumin and cayenne, and a little more garlic salt.(this also makes the whole taste test process easier when the chili is thicker). but don’t add a lot at once.. do a few taste tests to make sure you don’t overdo it on the spices from the salt to the heat factor. And I’m just writing this down from if you have any questions I can try my best to solve them!

And of course don’t forget to serve it with bread of your choice. I’ve served it with Ball bread which is a “countryside bread”, and French bread…and sometimes if you’re in a decadent mood and want to be a little more fancy (I’m kidding here) you can have Laughing cow cheese out to spread onto the bread and dunk it into the chili…so delicious!! Yum.



Happy Eating

Questions or comments feel free to leave it below.

-Xo Zaychishka



  1. One of my favorite fall recipes is Chili. I agree that the Cumin is critical. My favorite toppings are actually a bit of shredded cheese and black olives! give it a try! Thanks for posting recipes. You have a way of sharing the ‘how to’ that makes it look easy and soothing to create delicious meals– such a nice contrast from all the crazy-competitive-cooking-style shows that are out there making people AFRAID to learn to cook. Yaay for you and your hubby to be.


  2. Yum! Funny, my husband does not like celery either. 🙂 I love your cheesy bread pairing recommendation. This is such a great season for chili – but I’m sure it’s a bit more tropical in your neck o’ the woods right now. 🙂


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