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Savory Tilapia Fingers & Home Made Aioli Sauce

Hey Lovelies, welcome back to another Zaychishka’s Kitchen post! Let me start off by saying that in the Caribbean Tilapia is everywhere, and it is one of the most convenient “fish” to cook with.  I’ve cooked Tilapia a few ways, but this time I decided to try out something a little different that also pairs nicely with an Aioli sauce that you can make yourself to go with this fish dish. Tonight I spent a good three hours whipping up a few dishes in the kitchen, taking time for photos up. Agh. cleaning up is always the least fun par of it all! lol…I’ll be dreaming of dirty dishes for weeks. Anyways I’ll show off what was for dinner tonight..that included these wonderful and tasty Tilapia “fingers” & Aioli sauce, alongside Greek inspired Rice, as well as my Fiance’s mother’s recipe for Stewed Vegetables, I promise I will be adding those recipes soon.

DinnerIdeasWithTilapia.jpgThe Tilapia with the Greek styled rice and stewed vegetables.

Ingredients For The Tilapia Fingers

Tilapia fillets (skinny ones)

Panko bread crumbs

Italian Bread Crumbs

Garlic Salt



1 egg

Olive Oil

The Tilapia Finger Steps:

Begin by taking an egg, crack it and put it into a bowl and mix it so the yolk and egg white blends together. Get a plate and mix together both types of breadcrumbs (Italian & Panko) throw in a dash of paprika, salt and pepper.. this is going to be your crusted layer for the fish. ( the amount of breadcrumbs depends on how much Tilapia you have..just try to blend everything can add more if you need to of any of the ingredients.)

Heat up a skillet/ fry pan to medium heat with oil (I prefer EVOO)

Cut your Tilapia fillets in half, or however you wish until they resemble “chicken tenders”, or mini chicken cutlets.

Dip  Tilapia into egg and then into the breadcrumb mixture (pressing the Tilapia into the breadcrumbs, and also pressing breadcrumbs onto the tilapia to make it stick.. you want to evenly coat your Tilapia)

dsc_0129Then start cooking your Tilapia once the oil is hot (you can test this by wetting your hands and letting water droplets fall into the pan, if you hear a good sizzle sound it’s heated! or if you have a T-fal pan like mine the red dot in the center will indicate when the pan is nice and hot and ready to start cooking!)


Monitor your tilapia fingers that are cooking in the pan, once you begin to see them becoming whitero/paque (an indicator they are cooking), and the breadcrumbs underneath begin to get that golden brown look, it’s time to flip them so you can cook the other side. Tilapia is ready once it starts to flake apart easily (so check if you must, and never be afraid to sacrifice the beauty of one tilapia fillet or finger if you’re unsure if it’s cooked or not..better safe than sorry!)


Once done set the tilapia asie to cool and you can begin working on your aioli sauce! This only takes a matter of moments

Aioli Sauce

*This aioli sauce works nicely with tuna patties, to yam fries!*

3/4  cup of  Mayonnaise

A dash of Paprika and if you like it hot then add Cayenne pepper instead.

Dash of PepperTwo tsp of Minced Garlic

Lemon Juice (half of a freshly squeezed lemon)

A dash of Salt or Garlic salt.

(you can even add Tony Chachera’s spice..if you’re lucky enough to have it on hand..I love this has that something spicy kick to all the right ways instead of paprika or cayenne pepper)


Add in any order, whip it and it’s done!

Enjoy 🙂

-Xo Zaychishka


    • Yes, and I’ll try and get the rest of that dishes ingredients up soon as well. Heheh I’m fostering a puppy atm, we’re in the process of adopting him.. I gotta take him for a walk in the field and then off to the island pet store for things to chew on for him 😊🙈

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      • Oh I’m counting on him being a big boy :p and I will, I’m going to right a post on him soon also., I got so many cute photos of him 🙂


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