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Original Recipe: Endless Summer Salad With Salmon

Hey Matryoshkas, how are all of you doing today? I began my latest cooking venture with an idea to work with a can of chickpeas and black beans I had on hand. I knew I wanted to make a dinner that would be filling (but not the type that makes you feel ‘weighed’ down) , while  including enough protein and healthy carbs since my Fiance and I had decided we were going to the gym together. I also wanted to make use of the small amount of lettuce I had left in the fridge, and then came the idea to also include salmon. The other thing that came to my mind was what if I could get away from using dressing- That’s right you don’t need to make a special dressing. Just let the  flavours of the dish satisfy instead.  I then went to my refrigerator and started to look for all of the vegetables I had, and items that would give me the flavours I wanted.. from capers to minced garlic and lemon.

This dish is savoury, and let me tell you that when my Fiance first laid eyes on it, he was skeptical, but as soon as he took the first bite he couldn’t stop eating, and raving about how incredible it was and that I threw it together all on my own 🙂 He also wanted me to quote him and he says “It’s a 10/10” Hahah! So it’s a hit and it will be made again in the future! Anyways so since I feel like this has been a successful dish, I hope you will be able to enjoy it and keep reading to follow the steps I took to make this dish happen. And one more thing if you’re wondering why it’s been called the Endless Summer Salad it’s because I made it in my kitchen in the Caribbean which I call “The place of Endless Summer”. Bon Apetite.


2 portions of Salmon

1 Can of Chickpeas

1 Can of Black Beans

3 Tsp Capers

1 Red Pepper

Some lettuce (Romaine)

1/3 Red Onion sliced

A few carrots (cut into carrot sticks)

Cherry Tomatos (Leave them whole)

Lemon (you need fresh lemon because you’re gonna squeeze it for it’s juice)

Olive Oil

Tiny bit of butter

1 small spoonful of Minced Garlic

2 tsp of Paprika

Garlic Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

Parlsey (for the salmon)



dsc_0146Start by rinsing your can of chickpeas, and can of black beans and toss them into a skillet with olive oil on medium to low heat, while they warm up toss paprika onto them (watch as the chickpeas pick up that gorgeous red colour from the spice while you stir them around in the skillet), and a bit of Garlic Salt. Don’t overheat the beans and you want them to be warm, once you’ve stirred them, throw your capers into the pan also, stir once more and then set your caper, chickpea and black bean mix aside. YOU WILL NEED to use the same skillet again as you want to preserve a bit of that oil, and flavours left in the pan from the skillet.

dsc_0152See how there’s leftover seasoning in the skillet?

Once you’ve set aside your bean mixture you can start prepping your skillet for the salmon that you’re about to cook and have absorb the excess flavouring that resulted in your bean and paprika mixture.

dsc_0148Take a small bowl and add a bit of garlic salt to it, with parsley and pepper. (and you can add a little bit of this to sprinkle on your salmon)

You can now add a little bit of butter, minced garlic, and take your lemon and squeeze a bit of it’s juice into the skillet, and then stop because you’re going to use that same lemon to squeeze over your salmon on both sides once it’s cooking in the skillet…We don’t want to overdo it on the lemon flavour.


Now let your Salmon cook in the skillet, and while its in the skillet (add a bit more butter accordingly) and while there’s liquid in the pot take your spoon and start scooping up what liquid you can and putting it onto the salmon, pressing it lightly on you can get the minced garlic, and pan seasoning on your salmon. And don’t forget to flip your salmon over to cook the other side!

dsc_0158Once the salmon is cooked, you know want to break it apart in the skillet, and stir it so that each salmon piece absorbs the flavours thoroughly, and this is what will make things so tasty!

dsc_0161Once done you can allow your flaked salmon pieces to cool (this dish is great even when it’s served cold!, and is great for next day lunches if you have any leftovers!)

saladonaplateSorry guys, would have taken a better photo of the salad but my camera battery died and I used my iphone, and was so hungry I couldn’t wait to eat this 😛

Then just cut up your vegetables, and slice your onion, make the carrot into little carrot sticks, throw in some lettuce, and thinly sliced red pepper, and cherry tomatoes and add it to a bowl, then throw in as much of the bean mixture as you want (I set some of it aside to enjoy the next day in a bean and cheese taco for lunch) And last, but not least top it with your Salmon and once you’re done showing off how pretty it looks…mix it all up, throw some onto a plate, or into a bowl and enjoy..all of the flavours melding together with the fresh vegetables. No dressing needed 🙂


Happy Eating, and feel free to drop a comment below, share or subscribe to my blog. 🙂

-Xo Zaychishka



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