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Shrimp Pasta: An Under 30 Minute Meal Idea

Hey Lovelies! I have been doing a lot of cooking while taking photos along the way (I’ve just been slacking on the whole post writing department… I think I’m just captivated by my new surroundings). So I have some bad news for you, and that is that I’ve yet to learn any of the local dishes to try and write about for you, but I do have a lot of my own favourite made and eaten meals that I’ve been cooking in my little Caribbean kitchen. One of my favourite meals to go to is shrimp pasta. This dish is so simple, flavorful,  takes the least amount effort, presents itself well, and the best part of making this dish is that my Fiance thinks I worked hard on making it for him 🙂 This dish is a win-win.



Shrimp (as much as you like)

1 jar of white sauce (I used Bertolli, and Classico at home)

1 red, and 1 yellow bell pepper

Pasta (spaghetti noodles)

Parsley Flakes

Garlic Salt


Parmesan, Freshly Grated (optional)


Prep in any way that’s more convenient for you..1). I prefer cooking the shrimp first by using my T-Fal frying pan, while bringing the water intended for the pasta to a boil.

2). I then cut up the peppers (bigger in size than if you were to dice them, but keep them uniform and in little squared shapes). Once your shrimp is cooked you can add your cut up peppers into the same frying pan containing the cooked shrimp.

3). Once your pasta has been cooked, you’re ready for the final touches!

4). Combine pasta to that same frying pan containing the cooked shrimp and tender peppers (because yes you have to let them cook and become soft!)

, 5). Open up your can of white sauce and add it to the frying pan with the shrimp, pasta and peppers and let everything get covered by that creamy sauce- toss in some garlic salt and pepper, and wait for everything to heat (give it a good 10 minutes)

6). Voila.. once you put everything on a plate you can add the final touches of parsley flakes and freshly grated Parmesan on top.!

-xo Zaychishka





  1. Bertolli is very good. I have a recipe for home made and lowfat. I’ll look it up and share. Really doesn’t take much more time. Love the shrimp. Were these fresh/raw or already cooked/frozen? EIther way, you are good in noting not to overcook– rubbery, small shrimp are to be avoided! 🙂 Happy Cheffing.

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    • Yes!! My mom loves Bertolli ( we don’t carry it in Canada) and we used to buy it in Washington when we’d go grocery shopping in the states lol. .. So my mom is jealous that the Caribbean has it and is demanding I bring her back their tomato sauce! I do make my own white sauces from time to time ( but in the Caribbean milk in my area is hard to come by because it expires so fast!!) so I’d love to see your low fat rendition and your saucy version hehe 🙂 the shrimp I used were frozen .. But I’m lucky I’ve never had an issue with rubbery shrimps when cooking..yet lol! Thank you Ret 💗 🙂 xo


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