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Cooking In The Caribbean

Hey Lovelies! So as most of you may know I am now in the Caribbean! I also have a lot of time to cook, and a Fiance who will devour every meal I make 🙂 So I’m slowly learning how to stay on budget with food (and that is so difficult because I love to eat, I want to try a lot of recipes and that means I need a lot of ingredients). However I’m trying to be creative and try not to go overboard with different I tend to use a lot of lemon, garlic ( minced + garlic salt), and paprika to season the dishes that I make. In the future I’d love to learn how to make Jerk chicken, and try to see what some of the local cuisine is like, and take some of those ideas to re-create a wonderful dish to savour and enjoy for next times dinner.

I’ve already photographed a few of the recipes that I “go to” when I need a great, and fulfilling dinner. One thing that does get annoying with living on the island is that produce isn’t always 100% fresh, and milk is either expensive or close to it’s expiry date when you purchase it. So don’t ever just grab perishable items on the shelf without looking for a best by, or expiry date. I also like to buy produce, rinse it and cut it up and freeze it so when I need a certain vegetable, or fruit I already have it on hand for a recipe. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to go grocery shopping so this is one of my favourite tips, just make your own bags of frozen mixed fruits and veggies to save for future use. I’m also obsessed with my T-Fal ceramic pan that I brought from home, it has a red circle in the middle that will indicate when the pan has heated..which makes it the perfect accessory for pan searing meats, and whipping up a lot of dishes.

Anyways stay tuned for my upcoming recipe posts 🙂 as well as life on the island. I’ve heard there is a fashion week down who knows! Maybe I’ll have to see how it is!

-Xo Zaychishka


  1. you are so multi-talented and interesting Z. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch. Congratulations on the pending nuptials and I’ll be reading you to acquire new recipes. You are living a dream-life. Enjoy every moment. – Ret

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    • Don’t apologize, I’m also the blogger who disappears often and loses touch too :p. How have you been ? ( I’m just so excited to have Internet tonight in the new apartment, to celebrate I’m watching the devil wears Prada .. And any other full length movie I can find on YouTube) thank you !! 🙂 yeah if you’d like, I hope to inspire or help make ideas for what to eat. The dream life, in ways hahah. But there’s not many places to buy clothing :/ ..and I will do my best to enjoy every moment 🙂 xoxo


      • i was in my new place for 10 months before internet was a priority in the budget, haven’t been shopping much (though ordering on line is a rewarding– ahem! Stitch I love the you are cooking and still writing. It’s good to be a foodie- very rewarding to break bread while you meet and get to know new friends. Cheers- Ret


      • My evil spam filter tried to hide your comment from me,
        10 months without internet is a long time, I don’t know if I could manage..especially over here- I really love being able to message home, or send out photos, and most importantly having my Fiance study at home, than on campus late into the night..which sometimes he’d keep me at Medical School until 3am (I also didn’t want to be home alone to read books, stare at walls, or find new things to clean..and the silence at night would kill me!) internet was a major priority!
        I’ve never heard of stitch fix what is it all about?
        Being a foodie is good and bad, but ahh it costs a lot (especially when you need the right items to cook with- from the food to a basic skillet that can be put into an oven without any handles I can make German apple pancakes!! lol).
        Other than my rambling, How are you?


      • 10 months was a long time– but i went to the local coffee shop and made a lot of connections with the locals and met people and had free wi-fi there. Saved a lot, gained a lot ! I love that you are doing things (besides cleaning!!) to keep busy. Your fashion sense will not disappear but go to and see if you can get styled and get some fun things delivered to try on at home. You keep what you like, you mail back what you don’t. Super fun to see what they find for YOU. Less is more on the food front– simplify recipes, quality ingredients, and spend the savings on WINE! 🙂 I’m doing well- have you taken a trip to the local library? lots of friends sitting on shelves there– maybe some fashion books and some recipes, too? New book out by Amor Towles…A gentleman in Moscow. One of my fave writers. Check out Rules of Civility by the same– sigh….good reads. Happy daze to you Z. You are getting all domesticated! giggles. -Ret


      • If I try stitch fix I’ll have it shipped to my home in BC because I have a feeling with the island life..I won’t ever see the clothing until my time here is up 😉 Yeah for 1 month we utilized the campus with wifi, a few coffee shops and outdoor restaurants… and we try to save on electricity here since that’s actually what’s really expensive over on Sint Marteens. Yes, you’re right about less is more with the food and recipes..but there’ so much temptation with food and flavours, and over here..they specialize in wine may become rum LOL- today I was lazy and just cooked basil pesto chicken pasta.. tomorrow will be a peppercorn steak day ( I bought it from Carrefour AVEC a friends advice over here). I love that the school life has a spouses organization so I’m meeting a lot of amazing people that I go shopping with for food, or have coffee etc.. That must have been an amazing experience to make friends at your local coffee shop, I think coffee is best with good company 🙂 HAHAH,oh no I’m domesticated..but I’m still wild at heart, I will have to get my hands on a copy of that book, especially since you know the writers style..since he is one of your favourites… so far I have found free books at the campus just laying around for grabs.. like really cheesy ones aka “The venetian betrayal” lol, or “4 blondes” by the writer of Sex And the City (I disliked the book/ beach trash)..and the students also leave a lot of crime and murder novels around..Med Students are tres dark lol.
        ❤ Happy days to you too! come to Sint Marteens lol!! come enjoy the sunshine and the unfriendly shop workers! 😛

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  2. How exciting! I had to search for that T-Fal pan, I had never heard of it before. I’m always testing the surface of pans by flicking water, but how inventive (and obvious!) to put a color-changing heat sensor there. Thanks for recommending that!

    Great that you’ll soon learn some local cuisine dishes. As you explore recipes, I have to recommend getting a spiralizer. I’m not a vegetarian or an individual with a gluten allergy, but I’ve had a ton of fun with recipes including a spiralizer over the past year and a half. Check out the Inspiralized blog and books – you will need fresh produce though, which sounds like a decadence in your market!

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    • Yes! T-fal ceramic pans are amazing, great to use for making basic omelettes to pan searing chicken breast :). I’m hoping to learn some things but the island also has a lot of French and dutch influence.. So I also may document any cool foods I come across also. Thank you, and yes fresh produce is a rare treat here lol! I’ll have to have some fun and try something vegetarian for sure. :p

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