Casual Sunday
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Casual Style + Dollar Store Leggings?!

Hey Everyone! I just want to wish all of you a happy Casual Sunday! Lately I’ve been a bit preoccupied, not just by getting ready for the Caribbean, and the daily tasks called housework/chores/etc that are endless..but I’ve become addicted to Pokemon Go. So today (which is technically yesterday because I’m writing this casual Sunday post on Saturday)- I was out with my fiance playing Pokemon Go, and came across this incredible street art, and I was wearing one of my new & favorite casual outfits atm! So I thought why not? Let’s make a long overdo and rare outfit post. Now I know you might be wondering why the title includes the words “Dollar Store”-

Let me just tell you that a week ago I went into this dollar store, And this dollar store is not your typical dollar store at all- it might be called “Dollars & Cents”, but you can also find Royal Doulton dishes in this place! Yeah it’s kind of upscale. Anyways I was browsing the aisles and saw these Steve Madden leggings hanging up. There were some in green, coral and a floral pattern (that I later went back for). I couldn’t resist, and picked them up in coral… and I loved the price. I find it funny that I found clothing in a dollar store of all places. Yes, so everything about my Casual look was bought on the cheap, you guys know that I love deals, sales, and hitting sale racks and just getting more for my dollar. I’m also doing a bit of shopping for items, like the essential white tee, long tops, etc so I can wear these outfits in the Caribbean, look cute while remaining comfy.


As for the street art it instantly reminded me of the Orca statue that you find outside of the Vancouver Aquarium. That particular statue was designed by a Canadian artist by the name of Bill Reid (there’s also a museum dedicated to his work, which you guys should check out if you love history or Native American art) And that statue is called “Chief of the Undersea World”. I was drawn to that statue when I was little- it kinda scared me! But I grew to admire it, It’s a beautiful piece that should be seen. Anyways I just thought I’d share that thought also.




Sunglasses: Versace (Yes these are my favorite sunglasses, and I will wear them to death)

Shirt: Gap (On sale for 7.99)

leggings: Steve Madden (15.99)

Shoes: Zigi Soho ($25)

Handbag: Esprit (Gift)

-Xo Zaychishka


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