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Stick On Eyebrow Wigs? Human Hair??? WTF

Hey everyone! I know I enjoy going on a good ol hiatus every now and then, but see I always manage to return at some point to bring you back something to muse over. Now tonights post was inspired by a new beauty fad that I can’t get over. I just don’t understand it. This might just be the one of those beauty trends that manages to make me laugh, and creep me out simultaneously. 

I don’t think anything can surprise me anymore in the world of beauty anymore. I remember the days when I thought hair extensions were something so foreign, so unimaginable- why would anyone want to wear someone else’s hair?  Where did the hair even come from? and my personal favourite that I just could never get past contemplating: It grew out of someone else’s head!!! Well, how things have changed because I own two sets of extensions and I have loved them ever since I clipped in my first weft without assistance. I also don’t mind false lashes, however I’ve only ever tried wearing them a few times in my life and I still can’t get past the glue near the eyes. I just layer on that mascara and my lashes are good to go, no glue- just you know.. eliminating the possibility of my eyes being glued shut forever.

But there’s something that I just don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy, and try…. Stick on “Eyebrow wigs” that’s right, we now have wigs for our eyebrows- that are also made from human hair, and hopefully not from suspect places.  Of course I only found out about these in the past few hours from Youtube and have been irked ever since.. thanks to “heitsfeiii”. These eyebrow wigs remind me of caterpillars, or girls you know how your man likes to play some CS: Go for hours on end..well these resemble karambits, just slap them over your real eyebrows and you’re ready for a few rounds.


What are your thoughts on eyebrow wigs? Is this something you want to try?


-Xo Zaychishka





      • Even you, our trend following example of what to wear would not fall for it!! hmm?? Imagine bikini model season. Bwahahahahahaha

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      • Hahaha omg.. No I don’t want to imagine that at all! I’m usually good at only going for trends I’m truly on board for..when it comes to dressing myself 😛 But I still like to poke fun at some trends, or report trends that look and work on others…I definitely cannot pull all the I like to think that I stick to neutral styles in my everyday wardrobe.


    • True, as well as people who have over plucked there eyebrows, and have damaged them?

      Wonder what adhesive they’re using though?
      Could this damage one’s existing eyebrows? The same goes for some glues on false lashes?
      Then you’d be stuck using these.

      If you get cancer, you could save your own hair to make eyebrows like these? That could be sentimental. For the record multiple loved ones of mine have had cancer, some survived.

      I don’t understand lip injections and some plastic surgery either (unless someone has had something like cancer or an accident and it is reconstructive).

      You’re beautiful just as you are. Your inner beauty counts so much. So tough on women (and men) to be this perfect person sometimes.

      “Try” Colbie Caillat

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