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What To Wear During Your Period Tips & TMI

Hey Everybody, oh yes I’m going there!! There are moments when we are bloated, feeling tired, hungry, angry,and  irritated all at once, and yet we still have to leave the house. Shark Week Period week sucks!! And so does getting ready when you’re stuck with them. I often feel like there are times when I walk into my closet and think ‘I have nothing to wear’ because I’m feeling bloated, or I feel that wearing a pad ruins so many looks, or you don’t always feel your sexiest.

Over the years I’ve learned a few tips to dressing with periods, including  not giving up on wearing tight fitting outfits to special events while wearing a pad. And one of my favourite tricks is meant for narrowing down the amount of time you spend in your closet choosing what to wear when you’re tired and feeling a little lazy. And of course what I like to do when I want to hide my legs when they feel like to swelling on me also.

I have a friend who often says that she feels like she just has one butt cheek when she wears a pad..that there’s no separation. That comment will always make me laugh. Anyways here are a few of my tips and tricks. If this post is popular I may do a sequel. XO


Shift Dresses

(For functions, going out, dates, night out)

Shift dresses are perfect for period week and date nights if you’re stuck going out with your periods. The look is clean and simple, and keeps pads from being revealed!

Hiding Your Pad

(tip for wearing anything you want without *gasp* pantylines)


Because wearing a pad on a thong isn’t ideal (as it will twist every way possible on you) and..well this might be a lot of TMI here, but my favourite underwear that saves me during special events or occasions that call for tight dresses, or pants that are tight on your booty etc are from Victoria’s Secret. The panty (not thong) has a lacey back, and when you wear a pad, the pad kinda morphs into a thong (but with more structure and substance for your pad to cling to) at the back, and the lace doesn’t show any unwanted panty lines. No one call tell that you’re wearing a pad, and you’re not in a thong either. This trick saved me during my cousins wedding while I wore my Halston Heritage dress that was form fitting. Anyways experiment with this before your major event because who knows your butt type could also effect this! 

Leggings and Pantyhose 

(Hiding swollen legs)

This is my go to during period week, often leggings in the summer, and pantyhose in the winter. Pantyhose has an upscale you can dress up your look easily with classic black pantyhose. It also helps to hide your legs if you’re feeling bloated/ self conscious, or you became too lazy with your razor or monthly wax session around this time of the month.


(Perfect for hot summer days, including beach days)


This is one of the rompers I own from H&M’s L.O.G.G line, and it’s a summer lifesaver.

By rompers I mean the type that are a little loose, and don’t cling to you! They’re comfortable, and can keep you cool during hot days,  and easy to wear. On the up side no one can tell if you’re wearing a pad, if you wear the right type of romper. And if you’re having a lazy/off day a romper is an ‘all in one outfit’ that requires 5 seconds of thought. Less time picking an outfit out really cuts down the frustration. My favourite rompers are from H&M under the L.o.g.g line (which you all know I have a love & hate relationship with H&M)). Also rompers can double as a cute set of pj’ if you’re having a sleepover, or whatever it is that you do these are perfect for keeping your pad out of sight, while looking pretty in bed!


(casual days, running errands, coffee dates)


Another H&M favourite in my collection.

I love these so much! They don’t cling to you on your bum, are loose and you can rock an athleisure style easily. You can look sporty, rather than frumpy…and comfort is at your disposal. These shorts pair best with neon sneakers and keeps your feet equally happy. I love to pair these shorts with a white top that is half tucked in, and with my ‘Iconic’ cape by Community (from Aritzia) with my pink Nike runners. It looks effortless and pretty cool.

Long classic White Tee’s

(Wanting some extra coverage)

Long white tee’s are perfect for the summer. Wearing white keeps you cooler, and the top can – if long enough can cover you in areas you don’t feel like showing if you’re suffering from the bloat. Pair long tee’s with leggings, loose or relaxed, to distressed denim or sweat-short styles. Plus white Tee’s can always be dressed up, or down depending on your mood..with accessories.

What Not To Try During Shark Week Ahem..Your Period:


Period panties, oh yes these are a very real thing.. but guess what I’ve read a ton of reviews on these babies and not only do they gross me out! But many women had to use wads of TP just to prevent the lovely ‘flow’ from seeping onto their beloved clothing.



-Xo Zaychishka


  1. Ummm- not my favorite post (sorry, you wanted feedback – I thought), but sometime within the next 5-7 years, my problems will be on the other side. XO

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    • No, don’t apologize ! I love your honesty 🙂 I was trying to experiment lol. ( 😦 my mom went through it and she said she didn’t notice it… Unless she ate beef.. Who knows :/ how it will be )

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