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Story Time Rant: Bad Fashion Week Experience?

Hello Lovelies! I feel like sharing a story with all of you that happened to me during Fashion Week from 3 months ago! Fashion Week is crazy, it’s busy, there’s a schedule, and there’s people everywhere. What does that all mean? It means that seating is limited. Now imagine you’re wearing your highest heels and there’s a possibility that you might not get to sit down. Ouch, scary right? And, well this is more important than your feet aching- and that is you need to have great seating in order to take photos for your blog.

There’s always the option of joining the photographers in the pit (which I’ve done) and it’s a unique experience. Tip to other bloggers *Never use your camera’s flash near any photographers or you’ll get yelled at* I’ve seen it and it’s not pleasant. Anyways, during this particular Fashion Week the venue had less seating than in previous years, and I was running late. Let me add for future reference in this article that I thought I had a pretty amazing outfit on that day. Now as I entered the ‘arena’ hunting for seats with my best friend after getting too many shots with peoples heads in the way we decided to scope out some seats. I also went up to one of the VFW workers who was wearing a suit and headpiece and asked for his assistant in finding us seats. I was wearing my press pass, and had my camera so he could tell that I was a part of a media team. Well guess what he brushed us off by waving us off and pointing us to seats that were clearly reserved. We went off and stood for a few more shows, and asked once more and he gave us the same attitude and dismissed us after trying to give us seats people had their purses and coats on.

At this point I was getting tired of being ‘lied to’, and I felt like I was being treated unfairly for my outfit also. Anyways my friend and I managed to find seats in the third row or something like that. We asked if anyone was sitting in those seats to those around us and I didn’t hear anyone saying no, so we sat down. I think one of the chairs had a scarf on it and that was about it. It wasn’t a handbag or a coat sitting there, and people can leave scarfs behind and forget about them easily. You should see the clothing I see on the street… including pants..oh yes..pants…how someone looses their pants is beyond me.

Now we were sitting there for close to 15 minutes without anyone in sight. Then all of a sudden a show is about to go on and this woman, and her mean friend come by and start saying they left ‘drinks’ on their chairs etc and it’s their seats. First of all little miss scarfy this is for you: There were no drinks in sight and Second) Who is honestly dumb enough to leave their drink behind on a chair- if you really did leave some behind. Um didn’t your parents teach you how to make smart decisions? Everyone knows you can’t trust leaving food/beverages behind because there’s always a risk of tampering. Ahem *date rape drugs* Educate yourselves plz little miss snooty scarf girl and friend. 


How my friend and I were clearly dressed that day…

Anyways she didn’t even come in acting all nice and saying ‘oh you guys I’m sorry these are our seats’ she started in with full throttle bitchiness being thrown left right and centre. So what did my friend and I do? We stood our ground and decided enough is enough! We were sick of being pushed around for the majority of the night. I’ve had many fashion week experiences in the past to finally say ‘enough is enough’ I’m no longer going to be a pushover. Sure it was wrong to have kept her seat, but it was her attitude that made me pissed enough to stay still. Her friend on the other hand had the pleasure of sitting next to me, and scarfy got to go to the front row. Anyways after a few shows ended this blonde haired person started to say how he ‘has no idea who we were’ and was insinuating that we just strolled in off the street. Like that’s even possible with our media passes, my blogs name on them, and the security at the door. He then said that was his girlfriends seat and began reprimanding us and causing a scene, and to the bewilderment of another VFW staffer she said she didn’t want to upset us and then gave us that same line that she’d find us seats. More lies.

I’ll tell you this much how unprofessional for you to bring your girlfriend to work, to reprimand someone who worked hard for a media pass, who wants to aid(free of will) in the advertisement of the designers who come to fashion week and expect exposure, no matter how big, or small to talk about the work they [the designers] came to show off. 

Now, in the end I didn’t go home feeling defeated, I decided to go back again the next night. This time I dressed to kill, and I went back. Well guess what this also goes to show how much appearances matter because I did my hair, wore an elaborate and noticeable outfit, put on my bitch face and the same guy from the previous night who waived me off, did not recognize me from the day before and walked me right to the front row. And when I was sitting in my cushy little seat, guess who I saw across the runway? My new favourite person, little miss scarfy. xoxox.

penis-scarfA gift for little Miss Scarfy??

Well I know I sounded bitchy here- okay I’m totally being an unapologetic bitch right now. And you can have your opinions of me. But let me tell you this, I’ve always been the type to be courteous but sometimes even the most pleasant individuals can be pushed to their limits and want to be that girl, the one who doesn’t let others walk all over you. And as for my outfit that had me getting better treatment..I wore my Phillip Lim d’orsay heels, Vince Camuto Wide Pants in black, Embellished top by Philosophy (also in black) giving the illusion of a jumpsuit, a faux fur vest by Lord & Taylor’s Design Lab, and a gold-leaf headband. & yes I learned my lesson that being late causes too many damn problems.

-Xo Zaychishka





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