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Honest Thoughts: How I Learned You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything

I had days when I was young, and made not always so smart decisions trying to enjoy life the way any teenager often does. I enjoyed hanging out with large groups of people, and I often prided myself on being a social butterfly. I loved to dance to great music, and I loved to enjoy the laughter of people and their silly conversations. I loved knowing older girls, and couples who I looked up to and thought of how I hoped to find someone I could fall deeply in love with. But I eventually learned that having a large group of friends had consequences. Drama was unavoidable, and it was easy to be entangled in someone else arguments or backstabbing. Dolling out advice became the norm every day, and so was watching couples break and make up repeatedly, or knowing serial daters which meant you’d have to learn a new name for their latest SO of the month. There were always moments that made you enjoy knowing all of these individuals because they weren’t bad people, there was just too many of them that lead to conflicts…and yes drama!

There were times when I felt unhappy to go out with these people who I saw as friends. One day I decided to give that lifestyle up. To end all communication because there was more trouble than good, and nothing was like the carefree days I used to remember anymore.

I wanted something different, to be my own person, to make myself happy first, and focus on things that made myself feel productive. I didn’t want to be the friend who had to give out psychiatry sessions, and I was sick of always being sad, or being thrown under the bus. I didn’t want to be a part of someone else’s drama when I had my own called ‘life’.

I was tired of neglecting myself and I was sick of feeling like my life was no longer mine, and others wanting to control it by telling you what to do. And that’s when I learned that I wasn’t going to be young forever and I made the decision to cut people out of my life. Even without explanation, that I will remain unapologetic for till this day. Maybe that was bitchy, but why should anyone have to sacrifice their time, and carry someone else’s stress or be locked into drama, or arguments when at the end of the day; All of that, all of that drama is preventing you from living your life. Distracting you from your achievements, finding yourself, finding happiness, and finding love.

Breaking up with friends is hard, but living an unsuccessful life is harder. And, at the end of the day you can put in thousands of listening hours for an individual, dedicating your time to hear their ‘qualms’ . Guess what they don’t have to return that favour because no one owes you anything, and you don’t owe anyone anything either. I’m not suggesting you become heartless and never talk, or soothe your friends but there comes a point in life when you know what’s right, or what’s wrong. You should never feel bad to walk away from anything that makes you feel worse off at the end of the day. (plus, young people drama in large groups is so overrated! Who cares if she is wearing the same dress as you! Get over it) Anyways, just remember you don’t owe anyone anything.

Live Your Life 🙂


-Xo Zaychishka


  1. It’s hard breaking up with friends. I’m learning to let go of that…I lost one of my best friends because I was in a abusive relationship and was in school…..I was meant to be a bridesmaid at her wedding….I’m learning to let go but it’s hard

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