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6 Tips To Refreshing Your Closet This Spring

Hey Everyone, this year I decided to do something I don’t normally bother with, or even give all that much thought to because this can be a daunting task, even for me! Can you guess what I’m referring to? Well it involves the dreaded Spring cleaning and your closet. I’m the type of person who can buy something and then when I put it into one of my closets it disappears to never be seen EVER again (kidding, sometimes things resurface after a year..or 5).  Or sometimes it’s easier to just grab your favourite outfit that you’ve worn several times in the past two weeks- simply because who wants to deal with battling their closet for clothing? Or you’re often running out of room and hangers for your other purchases. And last but not least you’re still wearing something that has holes in it..let it go! So if any of this applies to you, keep reading!

Now let the fun begin 🙂

1). Start Assessing what you own, and the amount of space you have.

2). Begin to consider your intended goal for spring cleaning your closet, what do you want to achieve. Are you sick of the clutter? Do you want to display certain items? Do you have clothing that needs to go that you just never wear?

3). Now start tackling the mess, this is hard part! When you begin to take things down that you’re unhappy with or doesn’t fit right. You’ll notice a giant mess is forming right in front of your eyes. But keep telling yourself that it’s worth it . Because it is!

4). Start creating a pile between donate, to sell, or to throw away. I end up donating a lot of clothing to charity or to H&M. H&M let’s you bring in your gently worn clothing, and 1 bag full at will get you a $5.00 coupon in return that you can use on a purchase of $35.00 or more. The bag doesn’t have to be big, it can be the size of a grocery bag. & for every bag you bring that’s $5.00 you can use, and the clothing is still being donated! I also started listing some of my unloved clothing up on Ebay, so fingers crossed that I can sell the clothes and get some extra cash for the summer 🙂

5). Fold away big sweaters that take up too much space. I have a lot of sweaters, but some are extra chunky knits and they can take up a lot of space while hanging up in my closet. So this year I decided to look up the best way to fold my sweaters with the help of youtube, and put these pretty, neat and tidyily folded sweaters away on a shelf to free up space that I need!

6) Continue to organize and even rotate your items to make it easier to find something “new” to wear for the new season. My main closet is catered to all things spring and summer currently.

Have you ever lost your clothing in your own closet? Or better yet know what it’s like when you reach for a particular top, and when you get a hold of it..the top next to it just falls off the hanger. $%$#%$# Best moment hands down. 








Ah, all neat & tidy. Now to keep it that way.

Happy organizing and cleaning!

-Xo Zaychishka




  1. I’m a firm believer one must begin with adequate closets and if no such luxury exists, rotating items by season is critical as well as investing in shelving units and under bed storage and two level hanging rods to utilize floor to ceiling space. That being said, what is not visible will not be worn. I like to take the first few weeks of the new season to put focus on combining pieces that are fresh and inspiring and new after the cold has left us, and then taking pictures of the “look” for reference later in the season when the same new pieces don’t generate as much spark and we tend to go to the “same” looks week after week. Happy Spring!

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    • Those are some amazing ideas to utilize the space you have.. And the idea with pictures helps! ( it’s like making your own look book also ) yes and not everyone has the luxury of having massive closet spaces devoted to their clothes ! Happy spring to you as well 🙂 I need to do some catching up ! 🙂


  2. With the small closet space in NYC and having to use a storage unit in the basement…I lose things a lot. The good news with M being Buddhist, I have been motivate to streamline my closets and they amount they hold are getting smaller — eBay, Buffalo Exchange and GoodWill have been helping. What I am keeping is practical or real “gems”. It’s fun to shop your closet, Good Luck! XO

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