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16 Tips To A Better Wax With Sugaring

Waxing is something that I don’t take lightly. I want the hair gone, while saying goodbye to the itchy legs that often accompany shaving. Let’s just say that I enjoy the freedom away from the razor every chance I get. Recently I discovered a new wax on one of my trips to the grocery store, one that said it’s a sugar formula. I’ve heard of sugaring before, as one of my friends does this all the time. It’s something her entire family swears by, and they usually make it at home. But I thought my first experience with sugaring shouldn’t be a DIY project, just yet. So I picked up the box with it’s contents and took it home.

The wax that I bought is called “Wax A Way” (it’s not the most original names), but the fact that it came in a clean, simple looking container was reassuring. I did see a few “sugar” waxes by Nair, but they threw me off when it said it had an apple/ cinnamon or whatever addictive, I just found that to be unnecessary. In Wax A Way the only ingredients I saw were Sugar, honey, rosewater and lemon extracts. Less is more. So I already loved the sound of all of the simple ingredients.

Inside the box there was the Sugar formula (of course), epilator strips, and two popsicle stick spatulas. I followed the instructions and heated the wax up in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then proceeded to pretend I was at a waxing appointment with every swipe, and application of the sugar coated spatula. The sugar does remove the hair, and when you rip the strip off it doesn’t feel as if I’m ripping my skin with it. If I were to rate this product out of 10, I’d give it a 8/10. I love the ingredients, the amount of reusable epilator strips it comes with, the two spatulas, cleanup is easy as the sugar washes right off, the price is reasonable, and the product doesn’t have a fragrance! On the downside it’s kind of hard to use the strip 2-3 times more before moving onto a new epilator strip (But, I think you can even wash them for future use). Now do I recommend trying out sugaring for hair removal? YES. And if you can make this yourself at home, that’s even better.


Now onto the tips to help you perfect your waxing skills at home! Some of these tips are also helpful for any of you who get professional waxes. Some of these tips even come from the professional wax appointments I’ve gone to.

Tips To Sugaring/Waxing AtHome :

  • Avoid Caffeine before waxing, even for professional appointments if you have a low pain tolerance, caffeine can make your skin sensitive to pain!
  • Always test the temperature of the sugar/wax before you put it onto your skin! Try dabbing some on the ball of your thumb before proceeding.
  • When heating A sugar formula style wax, it should have the consistency of liquid honey! If it’s too runny, stir it around, let the air get to it, and wait for it to cool down and solidify more.
  • Prepare an area in your home for a DIY waxing session, lay down a towel on the ground to prevent the sugar formula from going all over the place.
  • Entertainment:Keep a laptop nearby and play netflix, or watch your favourite youtube videos to make the session less boring!
  • Hair length! When waxing you have to make sure the length is just right, you don’t want to work with hair that is too short (or else your DIY hair removal won’t be as effective), and if the hairs are too long it can be painful, or difficult to work with. 1/4 of an inch is a good length to work with.
  • Make sure you’re clean, and your body isn’t oily (from lotions, etc) or else the sugar/ wax won’t be able to grab the hairs.
  • Use a tiny amount of baby powder on the skin you’re about to wax, it helps with making sure only the hair is being pulled out, and skin isn’t to be ripped off!
  • If you’re sugaring you should keep a wet washcloth nearby to tidy up your hands as your “sugaring/waxing proceeds”. things can get sticky fast!
  • Keep a portable mirror handy, it helps you see any hard to see places that you want to remove the hair from.
  • Have scissors ready to cut and resize epilator strips, according to the area you’re waxing.
  • Go over the area of skin you’ve waxed with a razor the day after, it helps to make your skin even smoother, and you’re even exfoliating!
  • Exfoliate often, opt for a loofah, mitt, or an exfoliating scrub. This will help combat ingrown hairs, and will keep your skin feeling smooth.
  • Moisturize! This goes with exfoliating and should always be a part of your skin routine.
  • When cleaning up, if you used a sugar formula you can wash up in lukewarm water. (but wait a few hours). Avoid swimming pools, and anywhere where a water source is shared, this is a pre-caution to prevent a bacteria infection.
  •  Don’t wax, or shave the day before an operation! Tiny tears in the skin can expose you to hospital superbugs (like MRSA), staph, or other infections/ bacteria.,







I hope you found the tips helpful, if you liked this post feel free to follow me, or like this post, or comment. 🙂





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