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When Your Hopes & Dreams Are Crushed

I live my life hoping that one day everything will fall into place, that all of the pieces that I have will create something whole that I’ll be happy with. Sometimes I’m guilty of believing things will happen on their own; and as each year passes, I often catch myself saying “When I’m older I’ll have this, or that”. This type of thinking is dangerous, with equal parts ignorance and bliss. But things don’t change on their own, and this, well this is when you loose a little bit of your hope. While your dreams don’t feel as attainable as they once had. 

If you’ve chosen to make a career around your creative ventures, the feeling might be familiar. Those of us who have that creative bug, don’t want to live life conventionally. Sometimes the day passes by, and it’s often filled with daydreams, and big ideas. We don’t want to work 9-5 to make someone else grow richer, while losing pieces of ourselves.The end goal is that we want to prove that we can make a name for ourselves. To make a difference, and to ultimately make ourselves feel proud.

Blogging, especially fashion blogging is something I want to make a career out of. & I’ll tell you it hasn’t been easy, because I have a family that likes to look down on blogging altogether. To be honest I don’t want to conform to the careers paths of some of the women in my family (Legal assistant, dental hygienist, bartender, nurse, 23 year old spoiled housewife, realtor etc). Blogging makes me happy. Don’t I have a say on how I choose to spend my life? 

There are  moments in this life when our hopes and dreams take the most severe hits from wanting validation from others. We want our family, or are friends to say “I’m proud of you”. And Social media isn’t all that great for you either when you’ve fallen into a slump, because it just seems to make it so much easier to compare yourselves to others.


It’s true that you can’t give up on your hopes and dreams. But you can’t sit back and let them come to you either, because that’s not how it works. The message in all of this is: Don’t let others bring you down, don’t give up on your dreams,Go out and into the world to find inspiration, even if you live in a small town..get creative. Learning is the best tool to utilize above all else, and so is trial and error.

Just remember when your hopes and dreams are starting to feel crushed, you have the power to breathe life into them.














  1. I understand Hun , I want to be a fashion blogger because I love fashion so much. Hence I spent 5 years studying it…I was kicked out of one school because of my dyslexia ..I had to move and start again …fashion design…I tried the cooperate world of fashion , I tried retail …hopefully everything will fall into place with the both of us

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