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Pussy Bows & Burgundy

There are so many trends each season, and this winter there’s no exception. I’m sure some of you have noticed that the Pussy Bow blouse has been a staple since fall. (ahh I hate that name!!) But you’ll also notice there’s a lot of elements in the Pussy Bow blouse this time around that draws from the 80’s, sans shoulder pads. Everyone from Miroslava Duma to Olivia Palermo have been pulling off the look. What makes this blouse so appealing, (& it’s definitely not the name choice) is the soft, and ethereal romantic feel it can have. I love the look of satin or silk with the bow style, and I really favour the type of blouse that has a loose fitted neckline, Like Mira Duma’s in the image below.
That being said, I also came up with a look of my own that uses a lot of Burgundy, And as promised this is one of the Holiday inspired looks I came up with. I think this look would work best for an interview, or if you’re going out with your girlfriends, and you’re feeling like one of the Ladies of London. This look is prim! To spice it up further,  pair it with a leather jacket. Anyways I hope you enjoy the inspiration 🙂



Chloé pink shirt
995 CAD –

H&M bike pants
50 CAD –

René Caovilla suede pumps
1,635 CAD –

Miu Miu sunglasses
540 CAD –

Prescriptives black eyeliner
27 CAD –

What’s new
365 CAD –

Rag bone blouse

A P C sweater
380 CAD –

Lipsy v neck blouse
92 CAD –

Chloé ruffle blouse
1,730 CAD –

Chicwish green blouse
49 CAD –

Rochas black top
1,780 CAD –
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